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Relishing December

December 1, 2016

Watching -   Old Casey Neistat videos. I am sad to see the end of his Daily Vlog, but super pumped for him for selling BEME to CNN and that he will be working with the network to engage his digital throng of followers; including me.

Below is the first video I saw of his that hooked me into his whole world. Made me want to travel, made me want to be adventurous, made me want to be a film maker or at least a better life documentarian.


Reading -  Some really really horribly trashy novels on my Kindle Paperwhite that were the bargain price of $2 each. The whole time I reading them, I'm thinking....this is trash....and I could totally write this.


Listening -  The Dinner Party Download podcast. "The radio show that helps you win your dinner parties"  There really is something for everyone in this podcast; the hosts are engaging and I honestly just love saying the hosts names. Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam....so mellifluous. I especially love their Dinner Party playlists where they bring on guests to describe what their perfect Dinner Party playlist would be. There are always gems to take away. One of the latest had Rick Astley pick things he would rather be "Rick-rolled" with other than :


Some of his choices include Bill Withers - Lovely Day and this scene from Gladiator:




Making - nothing.... must rectify. 


Eating -  Homemade Chicken Pot Pie, homemade Focaccia Dick bread.....yup, you read that correctly. However, E didn't like it because it didn't rise properly and threw it out before I even got a picture of it. The dick bread is elusive.


Drinking - the Diet Coke has ensnared me once again. I am perfectly aware that I am probably better off pouring battery acid all over my internal organs, but it's sweet sweet fizziness overcomes my desire to live apparently. And NO, WAITRESS - DIET PEPSI IS NOT OKAY.


Going To - Be participating in Susannah Conway's yearly December photo challenge - December Reflections. Susannah hosts one other photo challenge during the year called August Break, and these two challenges are the only two I have ever completed 100%, despite trying many others. There is something comforting, mindful and inspiring about Susannah's lists. Join in and take a month to remember 2016...and find the good bits. The bad bits are all out there - dig for the good.



Feeling - like this month is going to be a tough one but will try to round out this year on a high note with as much optimism and joy as we can find.




December lyric: 

Just tilt my sun towards your domain

Your cup runneth over again

- collective soul





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Relishing December

December 1, 2016

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