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 WHO ARE YOU - who who hoo hoo?  

Five out of six of the above statements  taken from the google search history are true. I'll leave it up to you to decide which is the odd one out. 

I will say that I AM a Creator. I love to bring something to life, be it a story, a photo, a piece of jewellery or an epic event!

I would consider myself a multi-passionate; which makes describing what I do so difficult.

For instance - I can take your photo, organize your photos, put them in a scrapbook that I made while teaching a class on how to scrapbook...and present the book to you in a vintage container that I  unearthed somewhere.

Others may call this a lack of focus, but I digress; I love doing anything creative and am currently looking down many avenues of creative entrepreneurship. 

I am a wildcat. I am the one. I am the one, don't need a gun to get respect. I am the pretty thing that lives in the house trailer. I am legend. I am a creator. 

If you want specifics - I am a mom of two amazing adult children, girlfriend to one crazy man child and a cat mom of two of the most spoiled cats you have ever met.